Department of Precision Mechanics

 In the Department of Precision Mechanics, students study a wide range of basic knowledge and technologies in the field of precision mechanical engineering. Precision machinery industries, an area of strong expertise in Japan, require high levels of precision and manufacturing technologies. Through the pursuit of high precision, we seek machines with high performance and, consequently, new potentiality.

 Our department pursues “preciseness” in the technical domains of precision machinery through research activities. Each laboratory addresses issues in various academic domains of precision mechanical engineering from broad perspectives. In particular, about one-third of the professors perform research on robotic technologies, focusing on “diversification” and “intelligence”, such as robots based on unique principles that mimic living creatures or robots that cooperate with humans. Their active research is reported in international and domestic societies on robotics.

 More than ten thousand students have graduated from our department since its establishment seven decades ago. Thanks to the high reputation of our alumni, we receive about 3,000 job offers every year. Our research activities enable students to acquire problem finding and problem solving skills from a global viewpoint that will become lifetime skills in any field of engineering. In this era of rapid change, these are requisites for a leading engineer who can sensitively detect changes in global environments and find essential issues and solutions.

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